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you’re here for a reason

You’re building a business that is more than a business.

You’re in it for something bigger: to make things better for others.

You understand that business is an instrument for meaningful change, and you want your legacy to live beyond the walls of your business.

you are not alone

“64% of Americans
say a company’s primary purpose should
be making the world a better place.”

—July 2019 survey for Fortune Magazine

growing a conscious business requires fresh perspectives and strategies

You can’t use the same old methods that brought us broken capitalism and a hyper competitive race for profits at all costs. Conscious business is collaborative: It serves the interests of all stakeholders, aligning purpose and profits.

“There is so much talk about awareness or driving the conversation that we’ve failed to notice that talk doesn’t solve problem; the investment of time and energy by real human beings does.”

—Simon Sinek

Co-created by conscious entrepreneurs just like you, Shift/Co uniquely blends on-demand training, 1:1 coaching, and a supportive peer community to propel your impact.

Conscious Business Growth Platform

Grow where you want to be

  • launch
  • shape
  • build
  • evolve
  • grow
  • scale


<$10,000 / Month

Master the three fundamental components (FD2) of a successful business


$10 to $30K / Month

Evaluate whether to scale for IMPACT or scale for GROWTH, and then shape the business model and strategy


Up to $1 Million Annually

Build the foundation with eight elements of a multi-million dollar brand


$1-$2 Million Annually

Evolve the foundation from working IN the business to working ON the business, and become financially free in the process


$2-$5 Million Annually

Ignite your growth engines and elevate to a new level of success


Over $10M Annually

Select one of four strategic growth models to scale to new heights

powerful coaching and a supportive community of like minded peers

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Leveraging the Conscious Business Growth Platform™, we’re building CORE, an on-demand training program for business growth, personal transformation, and leadership development. All content is designed specifically for conscious entrepreneurs.


Certified Shift/Coaches help members advance their business to make a bigger impact. Depending on membership level, members will receive either four or eight coaching sessions per year included with membership fees.


Led by a certified facilitator, Co-Labs are topic-based groups that form after events and focus on specific business evolution, life transformation, or leadership development topics. Co-Lab participants work together for a 12-week period to take the knowledge learned in training and at events, and APPLY it in their businesses and lives.


Part tribe, part advisory board, part family, LINKS are about getting real and becoming the best you. LINKS are a small group (8-12 people) operating in a peer connection mode to provide community support and passionate encouragement.


Our “Happy Hours” are virtual collaboration groups that are focused on energy flow. Happy Hours are fun ways for members to collaborate on new ideas and new ways of evolving. They occur weekly and are come and go, as needed. Examples include: Money & Merlot hosted on Monday evenings, and Wellness Wednesdays to focus on life balance.


are certified and work, within their local markets to ensure members elevate to the next level. Mentors serve as "guides" and connect mentees with the resources and tools to maximize their membership. Whereas coaches "go deep," mentors go wide. Mentors are compensated on a per-member basis.


is a powerful virtual Membership Community to facilitate collaboration in local markets and around the world. It has the ability to register for events, get in touch, and includes a community message board for sharing ideas, encouragement, and feedback.


are designed for socializing and elevating your mindset. Periodic local events include networking, learning, collaboration, and community focused events.


is an annual event and will be Live-cast for all members, or they can choose to attend in person. Our first Global Summit will be held late Spring 2020 in Santa Fe. Join us!

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If you share our vision for using business as a force for good, and if you’re ready to grow a conscious company that can change the world, join the shift/co movement.

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